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The Student Council (SC) of the International Scientific-Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (ISEC NAS RA) is a students’ representative, highest and advisory body founded in 2009.
ISEC NAS RA Student Council is an apolitical structure that expresses and protects students’ interests promoting their educational, research, creative, moral and spiritual development.
The Student Council implements its activities in compliance with the Constitution of RA, the RA law “On Education”, other legal acts, ISEC and SC Regulations.
The SC supreme body is the Student Council Assembly chaired by the President.
The Student Council Presidium consists of the President, Vice Presidents, Secretary and members. In case of necessity it is possible to create temporary committees according to the SC’s decision. The SC’s President, Vice Presidents, Secretary and members are elected and preside from the moment of the start of elections until the end of the Master’s program.

Student Council Objectives and Tasks: 

  • To ensure students’ participation in ISEC’s activities
  • To submit issues raised by Master students to the ISEC’s relevant bodies for discussion
  • To participate in the development and implementation of programs aimed at the organization of the educational process and the enhancement of the efficiency of education
  • To pursue the targeted implementation of educational reforms
  • To promote the creative, spiritual, moral and physical development of students organizing leisure and recreational-related activities
  • To support the improvement of students' social conditions finding appropriate education funds and other sponsors supporting the development of education
  • To take measures to solve the problems regarding students' employment jointly with respective employers
  • Follow the discipline protecting students’ and teachers’ interests.

The Student Council is functioning based on the above-stated objectives and tasks.

ISEC NAS RA Student Council has been presiding by Tatev Kirakosyan.


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Charter of the Student Council (in arm.)