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Distance Education Programme

Since December 2014, The ISEC NAS RA has been implementing additional distance learning programs, within the framework of which some public groups were able to receive distance education in the ISEC. Among the commitments undertaken by the Republic of Armenia on Bologna reform, an important place is allocated to continuing education. In the current stage of science and technology development, the distance learning is widespread in the field of continuing education, which allows interested people to receive relevant education or participate in online courses in convenient place and during convenient hours. The peculiarity of the distance learning is that there are no time restrictions, the classes are carried out synchronous and asynchronous, the lecturer and student don’t have to meet each other in real life, communication is happening online via forums, video conferences, and more. One of the advantages of distance learning is that by creating a course it is possible to constantly apply it in the learning process, if the course is regularly upgraded. The ISEC strategic development plan includes the expansion of distance education which means that in the learning process it is envisaged to include more teachers and offer more courses. In the center, there is a great interest in distance education as it gives the opportunity to receive quality education and important knowledge.

Over the years the ISEC NAS RA staff has implemented a number of activities aimed at development and expansion of distance learning.

• There have been training courses, within the framework of which the lecturers of the ISEC NAS RA and other HEIs have received practical knowledge on the development and implementation of programs in distance learning.

• The Summer School Program has been implemented with the purpose of practical training of online courses on online platforms, shooting and video recording of distance learning, video conferences and so on.

• 34 lecturers received relevant certificates while participating in the training with foreign experts.

•There were accomplished public needs analysis, due to which, it has become clear what kind of educational programs are necessary for Armenian society.

• A group of experts from the ISEC NAS RA have been sent abroad in order to get the best experience in their field.

• An online conference hall with modern equipment has been created. The hall was equipped with wireless and high-speed wi-fi coverage.

• A distance learning system has been implemented and its current improvement and development has been undertaken.

• Student-centered curricula were designed and developed.

• The necessary literature for the study has been designed and acquired.

Almost 700 applicants have been enrolled in the distance learning system, who received the opportunity to participate in various distance learning courses. The only prerequisite for participating in distance learning is the availability of higher education of undergraduate studies. One of the perspectives of the ISEC NAS RA is the training of administrative and academic staff and finally the launch of the entire online Master's program..


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