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Quality Assurance Department

The Quality Assurance Department of the International Scientific-Educational Center (hereinafter ISEC) of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia is a structural unit of ISEC formed in 2013.
The objective of the Department is to apply internal quality assurance mechanisms and to promote continuous quality improvement culture.

QA Department Tasks and Functions

  • Development and regular revision of ISEC education quality assurance (QA) policy and strategy,
  • Maintenance of uniform quality standards, compliance and implementation of QA processes in all the key areas of ISEC activities,
  • Identification of students and graduates’ satisfaction and comments on the received education,
  • Ensuring ISEC accountability for internal (students, the Faculty, administrative staff) and external (applicants, graduates, employers, the state and the society) stakeholders related to the education quality,
  • Creating a regulatory and institutional framework and administrative support for the external assessment of ISEC and its academic programs and accreditation, ensuring communication between the internal and external quality assessment processes,
  • Establishing and strengthening relations and networking with national, regional, international QA agencies and QA departments of other higher education institutions. 


The Department

  • Develops, implements and continually improves the internal quality assurance processes, reports on their outcomes, determines internal quality criteria and standards in compliance with accepted European requirements,
  • Develops ISEC QA regulatory, procedural and standards documents,
  • Coordinates, supervises and provides administrative support to the implementation of QA processes in all ISEC units,
  • Ensures transparency of QA processes and procedures, the participation of students, graduates, main employers and external experts in the latter,
  • Organizes the self-assessment process of ISEC's institutional accreditation, the preparation of the relevant report and planning and control of the subsequent actions,
  • Jointly with the superior body coordinates the activities of the Center’s units during the visits of experts of accrediting bodies,
  • Cooperates with The National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation,
  • Ensures control and revision of the development and implementation quality of academic programs, their compliance with the established standards,
  • Organizes regular revision of academic programs in compliance with QA procedures, checks the documentation packages of the new and revised academic programs,
  • Coordinates the self-assessment of the quality of ISEC academic programs and supports their external assessment and accreditation processes,
  • Develops and applies QA mechanisms (surveys etc) and procedures for teaching, studying and students’ assessment   ,
  • Cooperates with ISEC Scientific Council, Student Council and QA responsible staff from ISEC departments located in the NAS RA institutions.

 Department Staff

Narine Vardanyan     
Head of Quality 

Tel: (+374 60) 623599

Nune Galstyan
Sociologist of
Quality Assurance

Tel: (+374 60) 623599


(+374 60) 623599