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Department of Environmental Protection and Nature Management

Head of Department
Lilit Sahakyan
PhD in Geographical Sciences

The Department of Environmental Protection and Nature Management ISEC NAS RA was established in 2010 at the Ecocenter on the basis of its logistical and professional resources. The Department employs competent personnel, Department's teaching staff consists of highly qualified researchers and specialists in the area of science and education, who both deliver lectures and provide hands-on experience to MS students.

Department Objectives

Preparing high-quality Masters of science on specialty "Environmental Protection and Nature Management" skillful enough to apply up-to-date research methods;  promoting international scientific and educational collaboration within the scope of the given specialty; upgrading the current  curricula, developing and publishing articles, scientific and methods manuals and guidelines.


Since 2017 the Department has been enrolled in the Erasmus+ "International Credit Mobility" and "Capacity Building" programs in partnership with top-ranked European universities. These programs open the opportunity for MS students to acquire hands-on knowledge at the universities of Tuscia, Naples (Italy), and Krakow (Poland) and also conduct researches in ERLER inter-University education and research facility -unique in Armenia.

Specialization - Environmental Protection and  Nature Management

Research works

Over the last five years, the staff of the Department has published 5 monographs and methods manuals and more than 100 scientific articles in many international peer-reviewed journals. In 2019 and 2020 alone, were published more than 20 scholarly articles.  Since the very first day of the Department foundation, its staff has been dealing with research activities, namely, the defense of PhD theses, participation in local and international symposia, seminars and training courses, implementation of international programs in close cooperation with colleagues abroad.

  The Faculty

Lilit Sahakyan   PhD in Geographical Sciences 
Gayane Babayan   Doctor of Geographical Sciences 
Vahagn Muradyan   PhD in Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor
Shushanik Asmaryan   PhD in Geographical Sciences
Marieta Avetisyan   PhD in Geographical Sciences
Davit Pipoyan   Doctor of Food Science (Italy)
Olga Belyaeva   PhD in Biological Sciences
Gevorg Tepanosyan   PhD in Biological Sciences
Gayane Poghosyan
  PhD in Biological Sciences
Gayane Nersisyan   PhD in Biological Sciences
Nver Torosyan   PhD in Technical Sciences
Amalia Muradyan   PhD in Biological Sciences
Meline Beglaryan   PhD in Technical Sciences
Kristina Sargsyan   Coordinator of the Department of Environmental Protection and Nature Management

Tel.  (+374 10) 572924