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The Administration is an advisory body under the authotity of Director of the International Scientific-Educational Center (hereinafter the Center) of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia. Between the sessions of the Center’s Scientific Council the Administration discusses issues related to all aspects of the Center’s activities, the implementation process of the Scientific Council’s decisions.
The Center’s administration staff is approved by the Director of ISEC NAS RA.

Administration Staff

Albert Sargsyan

ISEC NAS RA Director, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor

Aram Mirzoyan

Deputy Director of ISEC NAS RA, PhD. in Technical Sciences

Erjanik Zargaryan

Educational Department Head of ISEC NAS RA, PhD. of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Naira Hakobyan

The Dean of ISEC NAS RA, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor

Atom Mkhitaryan

Scientific Secretary of ISEC NAS RA, PhD. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Meline Sargsyan

ISEC NAS RA Head of General Department

Karine Begoyan

PhD. Department Head of ISEC NAS RA

Narine Vardanyan

Quality Assurance Department Head of ISEC NAS RA

Armen Sargsyan

Information Technologies Department Head of ISEC NAS RA

Arusyak Harutyunyan

Foreign Affairs Department Head of ISEC NAS RA

Lilit Kharatyan

Legal Adviser of ISEC NAS RA