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Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Acting Head of the Department
Arpine Harutyunyan
PhD in Chemical Sciences

The Department of "Pharmaceutical Chemistry" of the International Scientific and Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (ISEC NAS RA) was founded in 2007 based on the scientific potential of the Institute of Fine Organic Chemistry of NAS RA (now ‒ Scientific and Technological Center of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, STCOPC). Apart from the specialization "Pharmaceutical Chemistry", the specialization "Pharmacy" has been operating since 2017. The activities of the Department are necessitated by the need to train specialists in the field of pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry, drug production, as well as the synthesis of new compounds with possible physiological activity, capable of working in the field of research, with research skills.

Department Objectives:

To provide Master degree education in the field of "Pharmaceutical Chemistry"
To develop and implement educational and modern teaching technologies programs in the mentioned specialization
To  conduct scientific research
To promote international scientific-educational cooperation in the professional field
To develop and publish textbooks, teaching manuals and guidelines
The Department employs highly qualified specialists in the field of organic chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry and related sciences.
Professional trainings and qualification courses regularly take place in the Department.

Specialization: Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Research Works:

The Department employs scientists from the NAS RA institutes, also professors from the leading universities: 6 Doctors (including one NAS RA Corresponding Member, 4 Professors, 3 Associate Professors), 8 PhD (including 3 Associate Professors). Since the establishment of the Department, with the efforts of the faculty members, 5 textbooks, one guide book and 2 books were published. The faculty of the Department supervise students' thesis, term papers, regularly participate in the local and international conferences.

Professor of the Department, Corresponding Member of NAS RA, V. Topuzyan is the Chairman of the Specialized Council on 010 "Organic Chemistry, High-Molecular Compounds, Bio-Organic Chemistry" of the Higher Attestation Committee (HAC) operating in the Center.

The best undergraduates who plan to achieve serious success in science have the opportunity, having entered graduate school, to conduct research and defend a thesis.


The Faculty:

Topuzyan Vigen Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of NAS RA  
Hovhannisyan Hrachya       Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor
Hovhannisyan Arnos Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor
Pepoyan Astghik Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor
Paronikyan Ruzanna Doctor of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor
Babayan Lyusya Doctor of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor
Antonyan Alvard PhD in Biological Sciences, Associate Professor
Aghababyan Hasmik PhD in Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor
Sargsyan Janna PhD in Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor
Harutyunyan Arpine PhD in Chemical Sciences
Moghrovyan Armenuhi PhD of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tosunyan Suzanna PhD in Chemical Sciences
Ginosyan Aghavni PhD in Technical Sciences
Balyan Kristine PhD in Chemical Sciences
Tepelikyan Mari Certified specialist in foreign languages
Manukyan Anahit Master of Pharmacology
Shahumyan Anahit Coordinator of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Tel:           (+374 77) 12-05-16

E-mail:      arpine.harutyunyan@isec.am