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Department of Oriental Studies

Head of Department
Robert Petros Ghazaryan 
PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate Professor 

The Department of Oriental Studies of the International Scientific-Educational 
Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia was founded in 2008. The establishment of the department proceeded from the need to prepare highly qualified specialists in the field of Oriental Studies, one of the important branches in historiography.

Department Objectives

To prepare highly qualified Master degree holders in Oriental Studies
To develop modern methods for preparing Orientalists
To do academic and educational research in the field of Oriental Studies
To prepare scientific manpower
To promote international cooperation in education and research
To enhance educational content
To develop and publish professional literature (study guides, handbooks).
During study in the Master’s program students will receive thorough and systematic knowledge about the ancient, medieval, new and contemporary stages of history, culture and religion of the countries and peoples of the Near and Middle East.
The study of the problems of history of Ancient Orient and Ancient Oriental mythology will give the students a complete understanding of the Near and Middle East as the cradle of civilization. The student will receive thorough knowledge about the important questions of history, politics, regional and international relations of modern Turkey, Iran, South Caucasus and Arab countries.

The Master’s Program of International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA will give the students an opportunity
 to evaluate the patterns and peculiarities of the historical processes in the countries of the Near and Middle East, to interpret the geographical, demographic and socio-political characteristics of those countries, as well as the historical-and-cultural relations of the East and West. The students will study the main peculiarities of the material and spiritual culture of the peoples of those countries, the history of Islam and other traditional religions, the history of their main branches, they will understand their role in the making and functioning of public institutions. The students can work independently in the theoretical and practical spheres; will be able to carry out research work in the academic, educational, cultural and analytical fields.

The students will have an opportunity to continue education in the third level of higher education - Postgraduate study in the fields of Oriental studies, world history and international relations.
Highly qualified specialists in the fields of education, science and social fields hold classes in the Department.

The Department offers the following subjects:

Outlines of Islamic civilization;

Regional geopolitical outlines;
Ancient Oriental mythology;
Issues of the history of Byzantium;
Issues of the history of the Ottoman Empire;
Issues of the history of the Republic of Turkey;
Ethno-religious map and political-regional studies of Azerbaijan;

The Caspian region in the context of international relations;

The political and social aspects of national problems;
The ethno-confessional situation in the Arabic countries (the 20th century-beginning of the 21st century)

Issues of the Ancient history of the Near East
Issues of the history of Caucus
The Kurdish question in the Near East
The relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the countries of the region

Specialization – Oriental Studies

Research Works

Over the last 5 years, the faculty of the department published 30 monographs and 6 study handbooks. Only from 2017 - 2021 the Department published 150 articles. Head of the Department Robert Ghazaryan is Director of the NAS RA Institute of Oriental Studies and Editor in Chief of the scientific journal "Bulletin of the Institute of Oriental Studies".
Since 2008 till now the lecturers of the Department has defended PhD and Doctoral theses. The members of the Department actively participate in different international conferences, have close ties with foreign scholars, introducing their research results, analyses, etc. to the large academic community.

The Faculty

Robert Ghazaryan PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate professor
Azat Bozoyan Doctor of Historical Sciences
Araks Pashayan PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate professor
Gohar Iskandaryan PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate professor
Lilit Harutyunyan PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate professor
Gor Margaryan PhD in Historical Sciences
Kristine Melkonyan PhD in Historical Sciences
Hasmik Hmayakyan PhD in Historical Sciences
Nazeli Navasardyan PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate professor
Artyom Tonoyan PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate professor
Gohar Mkhitaryan PhD in Historical Sciences
Anoush Hovhannisyan Senior researcher of NAS RA Institute of Oriental Studies
Tatevik Manoukyan Researcher of NAS RA Institute of Oriental Studies
Karolina Sahakyan Researcher of NAS RA Institute of Oriental Studies
Margarita Markosyan Coordinator of the department of Oriental Studies

Tel:       (+374 10) 583382