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Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering

Department Head
Vladimir Grigor Sahakyan
PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering of the International Scientific-Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia was founded in 2006. The establishment of the Department proceeded from the need to prepare highly qualified specialists in Computer Science and Information Technologies for research institutions of NAS RA and that of different areas of social life of the Republic of Armenia.

Department Objectives:

To prepare highly qualified Master degree specialists in the field of "Computer Science and Information Technologies" capable of doing research and applied work.
To provide conditions for the efficient organization of the learning process.
To ensure competitive opportunities for future specialists.
To conduct scientific and research activities in priority areas.
To prepare theoretical and methodological materials.
To enhance the international cooperation.
To provide the participants of the learning process with specialized information sources.
To ensure study and research internships in relevant specialized units.

Specialization Informatics and Computer Engineering

Research Activities

The research activities are carried out in the Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems (IIAP NAS RA, http://iiap.sci.am).
The Master research and developments are conducted through the application of modern knowledge and technologies in compliance with IIAP departments’ priorities of NAS RA including:
Automatic theory and applications;
Theory of algorithms and programs for automatic synthesis;
Extreme problems in graph theory;
Discrete modeling, analysis and image recognition;
Signal and image processing;
Automatic learning algorithms and expert systems;
Scientific information analysis and monitoring;
Scientific calculations, information and innovative telecommunication technologies;
Mathematical logic and automated logical deduction;
Logical systems mathematical modeling;

Information theory and applied statistics;
High performance computing systems;

Monitoring and control systems;
Networking and cloud technologies;
The scientific research results are published in the collection of articles of IIAP NAS RA entitled "Cybernetics and Mathematical Problems of Computer Engineering" which is published twice a year.
The CSIT international conference is held once every two years, where Master students have a chance to get acquainted with scientific materials and present their own achievements.

The list of subjects taught includes:

Extreme problems of graph theory, rapid orthogonal transformations, information protection, combinatorial analysis, statistical methods and applications, complex systems modeling, Web programming, parallel programming, cognitive modeling, coding theory, cloud technologies,computer networks, digital methods, scientific calculations.

Department Staff:

Sergey Abrahamyan PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Hrach Asatryan PhD in Technical Sciences
Michael Gyurgjyan PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
Emil Gazazyan PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Robert Tadevosyan PhD in Technical Sciences
Vilik Karakhanyan PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Iskandar Karapetyan PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Hakob Sarukhanyan Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor
Parandzem Hakobyan PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Mariam Haroutyunyan  
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor
Arsen Mokatsyan PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Petrosyan Arthur PhD in Technical Sciences
Edward Poghosyan Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor
Vladimir Sahakyan PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor
Sargsyan Shushanik PhD in Biological Sciences
Arthur Vardanyan Lecturer
Ruzanna Kerobyan Engineering Scheme-technician, Lecturer
Laura Movsisian Department Coordinator

 Upon completion, the Master will be able to:

  • Apply innovative methods of developing scientifically substantiated new research approaches based on advanced network and cloud technologies;
  • Develop ideas և solutions to complex and partly unusual problems related to computer science, as well as, if necessary, incorporate advanced knowledge and skills in other areas;
  • Identify the need for additional professional information, find appropriate sources of information and apply them;
  • Plan, organize, conduct theoretical and experimental research in the field of computer science;
  • Evaluate the data and draw conclusions about them;
  • Explore and evaluate the capabilities and applicability of new and perspective digital technologies.

Department Opportunities:

Students have the opportunity;
To participate in seminars and international conferences organized at the Institute.
To be involved in basic research and applied projects, local and international projects.
To participate in the maintenance of the scientific-educational computer network ASNET-AM (http://www.asnet.am), carry out its own applications in its environment, use the cloud environment of the network and services.

Tel:  (+37410) 282080

E-mail:  vladimir.sahakyan@sci.am