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Everyone's life has always been shaped by their education. It's the most powerful way to express yourself while also enhancing your personality. Education is the most important guarantee of a civilized society, and it is crucial for the state's long-term survival. Significantly, as the world evolves at an unprecedented rate, the role of education has doubled in the age of modern technology and we must keep pace with the world.

As a proponent of science and education, the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia encourages the spread of high-quality education. The International Scientific-Educational Center may also contribute significantly. This is my second profession here, and I am very proud of it. Each student at the International Scientific-Educational Center is considered as an individual.

One of the primary responsibilities of the Student Council President, in my opinion, is to unite students, to engage them in the Center's work, and to nominate a worthy candidate to be the Student Council's next President. One of the main aims of the President of the Student Council, in my opinion, is to protect the interests of students and to solve issues raised by them within the framework of my authority.

SC Chairman Araksya Gevorgyan