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Anna Arsen Mryan

Business Administration

-Dear Anna, you are studying at the International Scientific and Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, majoring in "Business Administration". Why did you choose the international scientific and educational center in particular?

-The advantages of the international educational center are many, I will try to mention a few.
1. The teaching staff of ISEC is filled with scientists and highly qualified professors.


2. The center also cooperates with different countries and implements educational programs. I should mention that now I am studying marketing management in a distance format at the Moscow Higher School of Economics. This opportunity was given to me by the Center. I would like to thank my dear lecturer N. Manukyan to inform and organize the process.


3. Since a long time, the Academy has been carrying out nationalistic activities for the formation of RA's scientific potential, education and its further development, I also want to make my contribution to that important work.

-To learn, work, create and develop, you need will, determination and desire. Do you value motivated study or work and why?

-Sure, because motivation plays a huge role in almost every aspect of human behavior. When making any decision, we are guided by motivational internal drives, including when choosing a profession or doing a job. According to me, every work should be done with motivation, otherwise the chances of success are either zero or become boring over time.

-Although you are still a student, you already have great success in your career. What is your key to success?

-I think the keys to my success are hard work and determination. Even if I am able to perform the assigned work perfectly, I always expect more, and this motivates me to move forward, to be professional. And of course, I should mention that for success in any field, human relationships and the attitude of others towards you are extremely important, often they motivate and help to achieve success.

-What would you advise or how would you motivate those students, who find it difficult to get a good job in RA?

-Definitely, there is such a problem in RA, and most students think so. After completing my bachelor’s study, I have worked abroad for two years. Of course, working there was beneficial, and I gained a lot of experience. However, I never intended to continue to work and live abroad. I want to mention that a few months after my return, I could find a job here, and currently, I am working two jobs. According to me, nothing is impossible, if there is a strong desire to fulfill your dreams. You should just believe in yourself, never stop self-education, and always look for new opportunities.

-What role has played the international scientific and educational center in the way of your self-improvement and establishment?

-The ISEC has played an extremely important role in my life. I was a linguist major, then I acquired a new major (business administration). Here we study such modern courses as: marketing, public relations communication, management, etc. All the knowledge I acquired during these two years, significantly contribute to the development of my career.

-Thank you.