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Professional Lectures at Pedagogical University of Cracow

April 29, 2019

The ISEC delegation having paid a visit to Pedagogical University of Cracow within the frames of Erasmus+ International Credit delivered professional lectures for the students of the Faculty of Geography and Biology of Pedagogical University of Cracow.

ISEC’s "Environmental Protection and Nature Management" Department lecturer David Pipoyan presented the new approaches to food safety risk analysis and three main pillars, particularly EU standards for risk assessment, risk management and community, the operation and role of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Through interactive lecturing, the students were presented the differences between a risk and a hazard, as well as the peculiarities and advantages of a risk-based food safety system.

ISEC’s "Environmental Protection and Nature Management" Department lecturer Gayane Nersisyan presented the contemporary approaches to urban ecology, the problems of green urban infrastructures, mechanisms of their solutions and governance presenting both the European and American experience, as well as the research carried out in Yerevan in this field which has been presented and approved in different international conferences and forums.