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"The Student Learning at ISEC is enhanced by Integrating Theory and Practice", - Armen Mikayelyan, the Graduate Student of ISEC

January 26, 2024

Armen Mikayelyan is an ISEC graduate student in Education Management. Currently, Armen is working as an English teacher at Jamshlu basic school in Aragatsotn Marz. We talked with Armen about admission to master's degree, the role of education management and other matters.

-What role did the education you received at the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA play in your life?

-Since I am confident that I will be able to use the knowledge I gained in both the workplace and in everyday life, I consider my years spent studying at ISEC as the most significant and favorable time in my career. 

-Why did you choose the Master's program in Education Management of ISEC?

-I made the decision to pursue my education here after discovering that the integration of practical experience with theoretical knowledge.

-In your opinion, what function does today's education management serve?

-With so many tools available for managing student education in the era of information technology, it is important to structure education management to meet current challenges, thus also considering the needs of individual students.

-Throughout your time as a student at ISEC, what impressed you the most?

-My interest in the Master's program was sparked, first and foremost, by its complete alignment with the current educational vision. Along with the academic exchange and healthy competitive atmosphere that accompanied the debates on a range of subjects, I also place a great deal of value on the relationships I made with other students during my time as a student at ISEC.

-What was your greatest accomplishment while attending ISEC?

-Though there were many achievements, I will specifically highlight the research and analysis done for my thesis. Since the research work done helped shape research thinking, the research study itself was already a success.

-As a graduate of ISEC, what advice can you give to your fellow students?

-As this is where each Master's student's future is shaped, I will advise them to be prudent and pursue the tasks assigned to them.

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