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"I was Able to Make Consistent Progress in the Field of Education due to the Knowledge Acquired at ISEC," says Naira Abrahamyan, ISEC Graduate Student

January 19, 2024

Naira Abrahamyan is an ISEC graduate student in Education Management. We had a talk with Naira about her chosen career path and other aspects.

-How did the education you obtained at ISEC contribute to your life?

-With the knowledge I gained at ISEC, I was able to advance and establish myself as a specialist in the field of education. A master's degree was another means of appropriately planning and carrying out ongoing self-education.

-What function does education management currently serve, in your opinion

-I believe that having competent managers in position is a crucial step in raising the quality of education. It is imperative for educational institutions to foster and advance their management system, make valuable contributions to the development of education policies and strategies, and increase their quality indicator. In my opinion, due to skilled management, it is possible to highlight the accomplishments as well as gaps and shortcomings that still exist, thus contributing to their immediate elimination. It's also critical to consider the psychology of management, which may seem unimportant but has a big impact on the industry's growth. Education should be managed in accordance with the needs of the moment.

-What most impressed you throughout your time as a student at ISEC?

-In general, the feeling of studying again in adulthood is completely different. It is an indisputable point of view that the formation of a favorable environment is also important for ensuring quality education, and the creation of students' comfort is the focus of special attention at ISEC, as a result of which the years of study for me and my fellow students were far from boring and monotonous.

-To what extent did your professional development stem from the studies you completed at ISEC?

-It is well said that the one who teaches also learns. Generally speaking, gaining knowledge is not yet the output of literacy. Making the newly acquired knowledge applicable by putting it into practice is crucial. Apart from the academic knowledge we acquired at the university, we were able to develop thinking skills, which is a critical component of an action.

What was your greatest accomplishment while a student at ISEC?

-The university provide me the chance to set up new objectives, but in order to make it happen, I had to pick the right tasks and create a realistic movement of steps. Thanks to the knowledge provided by the university's professors I was able to move forward with confidence in the field of science and education. During my study years, I was able to participate in international conferences hosted both by ISEC and other Armenian universities. My articles on education issues were published in a number of scientific periodicals.

-Where do you currently work?

-My career began in the field of pedagogy, and I'm still in it today. In addition, I am employed with the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure. Being a conservative by nature, I enjoy making progress and expanding on my educational accomplishments. I'm involved in expert work in the field of education, and I've published a few books on general education.

-What career advice would you give to your younger self?

-It's crucial to be hardworking, curious, and smart in addition to having a passion for your particular profession. Students have access to exciting benefits at ISEC, hence, they must reach out and seize each one.

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