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"The primary objective of a strong nation-building is to get a high-quality education," Sona Maralyan, a student of ISEC

December 8, 2022

Sona Maralyan is a 2nd-year Мaster's student at the International Scientific-Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, who worked in the local self-government bodies and currently focuses all her time on education.

Sona studied at the Armenian State Pedagogical University, receiving a bachelor's degree in legal pedagogy.

Sona lived in Berd, Tavush region, and while working in parallel with her studies, she recognized the need for a legal specialist in the community and decided to continue her education in the area of jurisprudence aiming to further contribute to solving the problems faced by the community, and raising the legal awareness of community members. It was not by chance that she has chosen to study at ISEC considering her goal to get a high-quality academic education and become a sought-after specialist.

In 5 years, Sona sees her professional development again in the field of jurisprudence, because she is sure that the legal profession never loses its relevance and will be even more in demand in the coming years, while the Center makes a great contribution to imparting deep professional knowledge and further development.

"‎I prefer to spend my spare time in my self-education. I am interested in public administration system, local self-government bodies and justice, thanks to the effective management of which we can have a strong and stable country. In my free time, I am also engaged in law analysis and reading, and I also like to walk around the beautiful historical and cultural places of Tavush", Sona notes.

Sona encourages the selection of applicants for admission to ISEC, considering the fact that the Center provides an education that is a guarantee of the formation of an educated, intelligent and healthy-minded society. "The primary objective of a strong nation-building is to get a high-quality education," Sona concludes her speech.

Public Relations and Career Department of ISEC NAS RA