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Vagharshak Sos Hakobyan

Oriental Studies

-Where do you work

-I work in the RA National Assembly. I am a member of the "My Step" faction, a member of the Standing Committee on Regional and Eurasian Integration, as well as the head of the Armenian-Kazakh Interparliamentary Friendship Group.

-What is the key to your success at work?

-I can consider every person's success, the desire for self-education, for comprehensive development, not only limited to the knowledge and opportunities in the field within which the person operates.

-What role did education at the International Scientific-Educational Centre play in your life?

-The most important stage of an individual's development involves the years spent at university, forming him as a person and a future specialist. This essential stage is one of the basis in professional activity. The knowledge I gained at ISEC and their practical application in time provided new and exciting opportunities which helped me overcome many professional challenges, as well as investing in my professional skills and abilities in the process of doing useful work.

-What was the biggest achievement during the studies at the International Scientific-Educational Centre?

-Every day of the student years and all the episodes are, in fact, unforgettable and very expensive. I can say that every day has been a huge part of my life, as I have made good friends, supporters and, most importantly, the honor of being a student of the best academicians.

-Your message to the graduate and postgraduate students of the International Scientific-Educational Centre.

-Youth is the driving force of our country, which leads to something new, once impossible, but something ultimately overcomed, leading to development and an important role in the country's development. Therefore, I wish our young people, future professionals, to be bold and not to be afraid of all the trials that arise, to strive and believe in their own strengths and knowledge.