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Garegin Gegham Khachatryan


-Where do you work?

-I work in the Yerevan Municipality as the head of the real estate management department of the Yerevan Municipality staff.

-Why did you decide to study exactly at the International Scientific and Educational Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of the RA?

-Quality education is the key to success, and NAS gives an opportunity to become a part of a huge scientific family, where many outstanding academicians pass down their experience and knowledge to students. It was not just a decision made by myself, and I am proud to be a student of the university that was formed on the educational and cultural traditions of the Armenian people.

-What is the key to your success at work?

-The key to my success at work is the proper management.

-What role has played the education you received at the International Scientific and Educational Center in your life?

-The education I received at the university has mostly contributed to me as an individual having new ideas and visions, and of course to deepening, strengthening and developing new practical knowledge already acquired in my work activities. All this contributes to both the department managed by me and the overall system.

-What was the greatest achievement during the years of study at the International Scientific and Educational Center?

-I will just say that studying at the international scientific and educational center and being appreciated is already a huge success.

-What memorable episode from your student life would you tell?

-I will not single out any special episode from my student life, however, I will always remember my student years at NAS with love, smile, and pride.

-Your wishes to the Masters and PhD students of the International Scientific and Educational Center.

-I wish the Masters and PhD students of the International Educational Center to use their experience and knowledge in the best possible way, to be able to make positive changes in their field in order to contribute to the formation of a conscious and educated society.

-What would you advise and how would you motivate those students who find it difficult to get a job in Armenia?