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 On 14.03.2017 in ISEC NAS RA with the undertaking of the chair of foreign languages, took place the official opening of the ENGLISH CLUB. It aims at providing the students of the ISEC or other higher educational institutions as well as those who are interested in learning English, essential supplies that will improve their communication skills. The club offers new methods of teaching languages, interesting and interactive lessons, which promote individual learning. The classes include all the four skills of language: reading, listening, speaking and writing. All the age categories (16+) are welcomed in the club as well as university students whose oral communication in English is of much importance.

The English Club provides all the necessary preconditions in order to transfer English culture, to develop students’ oral communication and to provide intercultural communication during the classes. Each course, which includes 10-15 units, is conducted in English, developed with a special method and has an interactive content. It is intended for the rapid development of oral production. Each unit contains thematic vocabulary, audio materials, movies, discussions, interactive games. The classes let the learners watch interactive videos and exercises developed by a specialists aiming at improving English proficiency.

It is important to mention, that during the educational process the language instructor provides an individual approach to each learner which allows them to identify their level of language and helps the learner with a lower linguistic level to overcome the difficulties and be integrated into the learning process.

The goal of the club is to provide professional knowledge of foreign languages to those who are specialized or specialize in different fields, with different ages and preferences in order to help them to present the Armenian scientific potential in the international sphere and to carry out abundant activities in different organizations, ministries, public and higher educational institutions of the republic, as well as in HEIs of abroad and elsewhere.

This course will be especially interesting for English learners and those who want to improve their language skills to get more appropriate job. It is also intended for young professionals who want to improve their language skills in the beginning of their career.