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Students from University of Naples Federico II Already in Armenia

May 15, 2019

Within the frameworks of the collaboration agreement signed between the University of Naples Federico II (Italy) and the Department for Environmental Protection and Nature Management of ISEC NAS RA in 2019, students Antonio Aruta (PhD candidate) and Luigi Ammirati (Master's student) from the Department of Earth, Environmental and Resource Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II (Italy) will be studying and at gaining relevant experience at CENS for about 3 months. In particular, they will be engaged in the study of environmental contamination phenomena in specific areas of the Armenian territory and of the Italian territory under the direct supervision of ISEC lecturers Dr. Olga Belyaeva (Head of Radioecology department) and Dr. Gevorg Tepanosyan (Head Environmental Geochemistry department). Within the research activity they will also deal with the effect of low-intensity radiometric emissions deriving from construction materials of natural origin (tuff, felsite, basalt, granite, etc.) on public health and the health-environmental risk connected to anomalous concentrations of potentially toxic elements in Yerevan urban soils. The results of the research activity will be the subject of scientific works that will be published in international peer reviewed journals.