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Within the framework of the study visit, the representatives of the Center meet with the academic staff of the Pedagogical University of Kraków

May 12, 2022

Since May 10, 2022, within the Erasmus+ Credit Mobility Program, the Head of the Quality Assurance Department of International Scientific-Educational Center of the NAS RA, Narine Vardanyan, has been on a study visit at the Pedagogical University of Kraków.

Meetings and discussions with various representatives of the University are being organized, from which the meeting with the famous German scientist, neurobiologist, professor Manfred Spitzer can be singled out, also attended by the Center's lecturers Narine Manukyan and Arusyak Aleksanyan.

On May 11, the representatives of the Center also met with the head of the Department of Psychology of the Pedagogical University of Kraków, Dr. Karolyan Pietras, to discuss the prospects and opportunities for further cooperation. An agreement was reached to sign a memorandum of cooperation between the Departments of Psychology of the two universities.

The Public Relations and Career Department of the ISEC NAS RA