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"ISEC Supports Students’ Ongoing Scientific Endeavors", Susanna Narimanyan, an ISEC Graduate

December 19, 2023

Susanna Narimanyan is a graduate of the Linguistics Department of the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA. We discussed Master's degree program, the current importance of linguistics, and other topics with Susanna.

- What impact did your education at ISEC NAS RA have on your life?

- I gained extensive professional knowledge as well as professional skills and abilities while attending ISEC.

- Why did you decide on the Linguistics Department of ISEC?

- My understanding of ISEC changed when I examined its education programs and activities. Unlike other educational institutions, the ISEC helps shape the worldview of future scientists by supporting students' ongoing scientific endeavors in addition to imparting professional knowledge. That was the rationale behind my selection of ISEC.

- In your opinion, what function does linguistics serve today?

- I think, linguistics seeks to clarify the processes leading up to the development of human language, to illustrate language usage patterns over the time of human history, and to describe the function and significance of language in social interactions. Since my school years, I have been interested in linguistics, and I was certain about my career choice.

- What most impressed you during your time as a student at ISEC?

- I can state with certainty that my time at ISEC has been very fruitful and full of professional knowledge. My learning experience was enhanced by the professors' engaging methods and the way the learning materials were delivered. All these factors helped me develop a solid foundation in language comprehension.

- As an ISEC student, what guidance would you offer aspiring Master's students?

-To help develop a scientific mindset and a solid value system toward science, I would recommend to freshmen students to put in a lot of study time and take part in the scientific research projects implemented by ISEC.

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