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"I joined the Armed Forces of Armenia due to my unwavering love for my motherland and my strong will to fight," Anna Avetisyan, a Master’s student of ISEC

December 8, 2023

Anna Avetisyan is a second-year student pursuing a Master's degree in Psychology at the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA. Anna serves in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia in addition to her academic pursuits. We discussed a variety of topics with Anna, including education and the role of psychology in the military service.

-What made you choose a Master's degree in Psychology?

-When I was a student at Vazgen Sargsyan Military University of the RA Ministry of Defence, we studied "Military Psychology" in the fourth year of the Bachelor's degree in the Management Department of motor rifle units. Since then I have made the decision to pursue a Master's degree in Psychology because I believe that understanding human psychology is a crucial prerequisite, especially in military service. I enrolled to ISEC’s Master's program in Psychology on the recommendation of my lecturer.

-What motivated you to join the RA Armed Forces?

-I would like to mention that I was born in an Armenian border village and over time adapted to the unique challenges of living in a settlement under border guard supervision. I also realized early on how important it was to defeat the enemy. Years later, the unwavering love for my motherland and my strong will to fight inspired me to join the Armenian Army.

-What is the role of psychology in the military service?

-Clinical psychology primarily helps identify different personality types, listen to, comprehend, and support each individual. Due to psychology, during my military service I have been able to build trust among the soldiers under my command, and many of them share their concerns with me.

-What will you distinguish the most from your time in military service?

-I have been working in the Armenian Army as a staff sergeant and holding a rank of lieutenant since 2018. When we moved for positions on September 13, 2022, during the attack against Jermuk, unfortunately, one of the soldiers under my command was killed. In these excruciating situations, a psychologist's profession helps resolve the crisis.

-What are your plans for the future?

-My long-term goal is to become an officer-psychologist and work for the RA Armed Forces' Department of Morale and Psychological Support. Every student can succeed, if she/he works hard in her/his studies and absorb the information offered by the professors.

ISEC NAS RA Public Relations and Career Department