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"Scientific and Practical Education is a Solid Basis for Civil and Administrative Law at the Department of Jurisprudence", - Master’s student of ISEC, Lusine Davtyan

November 15, 2023

Lusine Davtyan is a 2nd year Master's student in Jurisprudence at the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA. Years ago, she decided to pursue a career in law because she wanted to enhance the standard of justice and human rights protection in Armenia.

Lusine spoke with us about her decision to pursue a master's degree, the education she received at ISEC, and her professional endeavors.

-Why did you choose to apply to ISEC's master's program in Jurisprudence?

-Having received my bachelor's degree and gaining a great deal of work experience, I made the decision to specialize in stat and civil law in order to further expand my professional knowledge. Since ISEC's Department of Jurisprudence has a solid reputation in this field, I made the right choice in selecting ISEC.

-What was your biggest accomplishment during your time as a student at ISEC?

-I learned a lot throughout my 1.5 years of study. The best accomplishment, though, was not just learning new stuff but also having a professional teaching staff and a professional environment to work in, which is, in my opinion, one of the keys to success.

-To what extent did the education you received at ISEC contribute to your professional growth?

-Scientific and practical education is a solid basis for civil and administrative law at the Department of Jurisprudence.  My critical and analytical mind, as well as my ability to observe the circumstances in a multifaceted manner, have further developed throughout the entire study period, based on in-depth and professional solutions and discussions, as well as studying diverse and complex cases. This has ultimately contributed to my professional growth.

-What features do you think are essential for success in the workplace?

-I believe it's critical to love your work if you want to succeed professionally. And the specifics of our profession require such qualities as sustainable self-education, a sense of responsibility, effective time management skills and, of course, stress resistance and caution.

-What are your future plans and goals?

-I have a number of ongoing projects, but my primary professional objective is to enhance the standard of justice and human rights protection in RA. I work for a legal consulting firm, where I assist clients in defending and regaining their rights.

-What professional duties do you carry out while working for the company?

-I handle administrative and civil affairs. I have dedicated my professional knowledge and all of my potential over the years to defending and regaining people's rights that have been violated. In addition to representing citizens' rights in state and local self-government bodies' interactions with people and legal entities, I also offer legal advice for organizational transactions, handle extrajudicial cases aimed at resolving disputes, and etc.

-And finally, as an ISEC, what would you recommend to the ISEC students?

-The most important recommendation is to never stop learning and gaining as much knowledge as you can, thereby contributing to produce more skilled and competitive professionals in the Republic of Armenia.

Public Relations and Career Department of ISEC NAS RA