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67-year-old Susanna Chughuryan is Enrolled in Master’s Program Again

October 30, 2023

At the age of 67, Susanna Chughuryan, a Master's student in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA, made the decision to enroll in the program, making her the most unique student in Armenia. We discussed a number of topics with Mrs. Chughuryan, including her accomplishments at ISEC, her decision to specialize in psychology, and her admission to the Master's program at the age of 67.

- Mrs. Chughuryan, young students are likely to follow your path and be admitted to the Master's program. And what stimulated you, at the age of 67, to become a student again?

- I became interested in psychology as a science after completing my bachelor degree from the Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute in 1978, since I realized how important psychology was to the society and how it affected every aspect of my life, including the family. I have been successfully leading a staff of sixty employees for decades as the director of a preschool educational facility. I came to the realization that my background in psychology enabled me to create the ideal interpersonal relations. However, since psychology is a dynamic and ever-evolving field of study, I made the decision to learn more to make up for the knowledge gaps left by my early education.

- What made you decide to specialize in clinical psychology and psychotherapy at the ISEC?

- My dream has always been to become a doctor, but as I got older, I understood that by learning more about contemporary clinical psychology, I could also become a "doctor of the soul." I therefore made the decision to enroll in the Master's program of the ISEC Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy educational program at the age of 67, as I have heard awesome things about the department's knowledgeable and experienced teaching staff, especially Mrs. Naira Hakobyan, the head of the department, who has merits and a wealth of experience.

- Isn't it a hindrance to your learning that your classmates are your grandchildren's age?

- To be honest, when I made the decision to enroll in ISEC's Master's program, I was concerned about the integration issue because of my age. However, we quickly became amazing friends, and a very healthy environment was created in the course, where I still feel younger and full of energy and strive to achieve my goals.

- What characteristics, in your opinion, are essential for someone to succeed at work?

- In order to succeed in life, you must first and foremost learn to love it, as this will lead to victories and new opportunities in return. A person finds success in life when he/she is kind, purposeful, and tolerant. It's also critical to recognize that life presents challenges, and that overcoming them leads to the growth of self-awareness and wisdom along with new prospects for achievement.

- Could you outline the accomplishments you made while attending ISEC?

- I have acquired such reliable and solid knowledge over the past 1.5 years that I can definitely adhere it to the clinical psychology field, which is in strong demand these days. During my study at ISEC, I was also able to recognize my full potential and professional abilities due to my awesome professors.

- In the light of your experience, what guidance would you offer the younger students?

- I strongly encourage everyone to take decisive actions toward their dreams. Great desires are met with the full force of the universe, which strives to fulfill them. I can definitely impart this experience to younger students.

ISEC NAS RA Public Relations and Career Department