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"Having acquired a wealth of knowledge at ISEC, I am currently working in one of pharmacies in Armavir", - Lilit Tovmasyan, a Masters graduate of ISEC.

June 8, 2023

Lilit Tovmasyan is a Masters graduate of the Department of Pharmacy of the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA. Due to extensive knowledge acquired at ISEC, Lilit is currently working in one of Armavir’s pharmacies as a sought-after pharmacist.

"I have heard a lot about the professional teaching staff and high-quality education of ISEC, many of my friends graduated from the ISEC, and it was on their advice that I continued my master's education at the ISEC Department of Pharmacy.

Along with theoretical knowledge, we had the opportunity to acquire practical skills at the Institute of Fine Organic Chemistry of the NAS RA and participate in various research projects, which in its turn contributed to becoming a competitive specialist today," states Lilit.

Lilit recommends to incoming Masters students of ISEC to study to the fullest and take advantage of all the resources provided by ISEC in order to succeed, since only sustainable education can lead to new heights.

ISEC NAS RA Public Relations and Career Department