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Discussions on the expansion of the activities of student self-government bodies

May 10, 2024

On May 10, the meeting with the Dean, Atom Mkhitaryan, Lilith Adamyan, the Head of the Public Relations Department, and Armen Eghoyan, the Head of the IT Department, took place with the Student Council and the staff of the Student Scientific Company.

The meeting was aimed at expanding student self-government, elevating effectiveness, increasing students' involvement in ISEC activities, encouraging the organizational work of the course monitors, and discussing other issues pertaining to students.

During the meeting, Atom Mkhitaryan addressed issues pertaining to management and administration at the student level by revealing both the weaknesses and strengths by SWOT analysis, presenting the students' chances, and finding solutions.

The participants were actively engaged in the discussions, during which they clarified several external and internal factors hampering the implementation of student activities. They also found solutions to methods and tools to overcome challenges, current opportunities, and further steps. Additionally, the students provided insights into using the potential of the youth, supporting their initiatives, and awarding the best students.

Lilith Adamyan proposed to refine the ISEC policy aimed at boosting students’ activities, to plan new kinds of dialogues and communications, as well as the process of course monitors, and to develop new procedures.

Armen Eghoyan expressed his willingness to support students in holding seminars to discuss not only the Moodle platform but also how to represent theses in PPT format.

ISEC NAS RA Department of Public Relations and Career