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"ISEC enables students to integrate academic education into work and research activities", - Gohar Gaboyan, a postgraduate student

April 17, 2023

Gohar Gaboyan, a postgraduate student of International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA, received a bachelor’s degree in History at Vanadzor State University. Currently, she works at Vanadzor State University after H. Tumanyan as a library manager. During our talk, Gohar provided insights regarding her experience with admission to ISEC, her area of specialization and the knowledge she has acquired through her academic pursuits at the Center.

at led to your decision to pursue a master's degree at the Department of Library and Information Sources of ISEC NAS RA?

-Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I commenced my career at the library, and subsequently transitioned to an alternate position. As if by destiny, I returned to the library, and after a period of time, was appointed as the deputy director and bibliographer of the university's library. As a consequence of taking on new responsibilities, it became exigent to supplement my practical skills with professional knowledge. Having studied the field, I chose the Master's degree in Library and Information Sources of ISEC NAS RA, since the proposed educational program met the requirements of a modern librarian possessing extensive expertise in collecting, coordinating and dispensing information.

-What was your biggest achievement during your years of study at

-First and foremost, it lies in the attainment of expert knowledge, with particular emphasis placed on the advancement of innovative practices within the realm of contemporary librarianship. In my perspective, the most notable accomplishment is my cordial relations with the teaching staff and my peers, encompassing not only friendship but also active collaboration.

-To what extent did the studies
of ISEC contribute to your professional growth?

-ISEC enables students to integrate academic education into work and research activities. Through the years of study, I participated in scientific conferences, presented reports on library science, which were published in relevant scientific magazines. As an important professional achievement, I also consider my Master's thesis, in the framework of which I reflected on the history and activities of the library of Vanadzor State University, and using the example of the latter, I analyzed the features of digitalization of university library services.

-In your opinion, what qualities
are necessary for a person to be successful at work?

-Each job requires appropriate qualities: professional knowledge, communication skills, flexibility of mind and ability to quickly navigate, etc. The most important thing in the library field is dedication. To be successful, you have to love the work you do and do the work you love.

-As a
postgraduate student of ISEC, what would you advice to the ISEC students?

-The teaching staff of ISEC and educational modern modules enable the student to develop a set of skills aligned with labor market needs and become more competitive. As a postgraduate student of ISEC, my advice to current and future students is to take a wealth of theoretical and applied knowledge from experienced teachers, not to be afraid of crazy ideas and to show the will and courage to implement them.

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