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"The Department of Pharmacology of ISEC is unique in terms of imparting academic knowledge," Tatevik Arakelyan, ISEC student

July 13, 2022

Tatevik Arakelyan is a Master’s graduate student of the Department of Pharmacology of the International Scientific-Educational Center NAS RA.

Currently, Tatevik is working at NAS RA Research Center after A. Mnjoyan and, as she mentions, thanks to the knowledge gained at ISEC, she can work in the field of science.

"Honestly, my choice to apply for ISEC Master’s degree was randomly made, but I have never regretted it. Moreover, I am proud to have studied at ISEC, since thanks to distinguished academicians and professors teaching at the Center, I have gained valuable knowledge, as well as enhanced my professional knowledge and skills through shifting from knowledge acquisition and transmission to its performance and production in a number of pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies, as a result of which I improved my practical skills and now I have the opportunity to constantly develop them up to now."

While talking about the memorable days she had at the Center, Tatevik finds it difficult to single out any of them, since she had lots of meaningful and memorable days during her studies.

Tatevik definitely advises the undergraduate students who want to become skilled pharmacists to choose the Department of Pharmacology of ISEC, as it is unique in terms of imparting academic knowledge and providing extensive possibilities of applying it in practice.

The Public Relations and Career Department of ISEC of the NAS RA