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The Report of Administrative and Teaching Staff of the International Scientific Educational Center of NAS of RA

June 6, 2018

The head of the department of "The Educational Quality Guarantee" Narine Vardanyan, the principal of the "Department of Education" Yerjanik Zargaryan, chairman of the "Economics and Management" Karen Sargsyan, the lecturers of the chair Narine Manukyan and Aram Simonyan from the NAS, International Scientific Educational Center had an formal business trip to the University of Tusha in Italy, within the frames of the program Euro union Erazmus+ KA 107, from 22-28 of April, 2018. The delegation of ISEC had various meetings within the boundaries of the visit. The experience of Tusha University was considered to be instructive, so coming back to Armenia on the 24-th of May, a meeting was arranged in the conference hall of the ISEC NAS of RA. The responsible persons of ISEC who were responsible for the quality of education, heads of administrative subdivisions and professors of "Chair of Economics and Management" were present at the conference. Missioned specialists presented materials prepared beforehand and told the details of their business trip and the gained agreements from the trip. Different questions were touched upon and the corresponding discussions took place. Participants attached the importance of the business trips and contributed this kind of reporting to the Center. Then N. Vardanyan presented the acting system of the guarantee of qualified education in Tusha University, especially various questioning systems among the students were held. There were different discussions especially in the order of questioning the students. Concerning this issue, many debates rose, how expedient is passing the enquiry before the examination period. Participants mentioned that the system of the ISEC and the students have not been ready for such changes yet, but the problem is still in the agenda. Then chairs’ reports were about the satisfaction of standards of Qualified Education Guarantee from the Italian experience. It was decided to discuss their experience at different chairs.