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Davit Pipoyan on the model of ''Assessment of Food Safety Risks'' to the students of Tuscia University, Italy

November 23, 2021

Davit Pipoyan, Ph.D in Food Science (Italy) and lecturer of "Assessment of Food Safety Risks" course in the Department of Environmental Protection and Nature Management of ISEC NAS RA, the Head of the Informational-Analytical Center for Risk Assessment of Food Chain (CENS NAS RA), within the framework of the Erasmus + KA 107 program, has paid a visit to the University of Tuscia in Italy, where he delivered lectures, as well as participated in a number of events organized as part of the Erasmus Information Days. During the information days Davit Pipoyan presented Armenia, the jointly implemented programs between ISEC NAS RA and the University of Tuscia, he also spoke about  the opportunities for students provided by the Department of Environmental Protection and Nature Management of ISEC NAS RA which is located in the Center for Ecological Noosphere Studies of NAS RA .

ERLEP laboratory, established within the framework of ''MENVIPRO'' Erasmus + capacity building  project, was introduced as a unique inter-University education and research facility which in spite of its location (located in CENS NAS RA) and regional importance, can be used by European students to carry out their research through exchange programs.

David Pipoyan, together with Nicolo Meredino, Professor at the University of Tuscia and the Academic Coordinator of the project, presented to the Italian students the module on ''Assessment of Food Security Risks'', developed within the framework of the ''MENVIPRO'' program.

In addition to the lectures, David Pipoyan took part in the research carried out in the Center for Large-Scale Equipment, got familiar with the peculiarities, transformations  and changes in education  in the context of Covid pandemic. These recent changes were also introduced to ISEC students during the distance learning meeting.

Apart from scientific and educational activities, David Pipoyan participated in a number of discussions in the Department of International Relations of the University of Tuscia related to increasing the effectiveness of mobility programs, joint Master programs and further development of cooperation.