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A Unique Master's Program in Biodiversity Study and Conservation

March 13, 2024

At the beginning of 2024-2025, the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA is launching a new Master's program in Biodiversity Study and Conservation.

The Master’s program is developed and will be implemented as a result of the collaboration with the Institute of Botany after A. L.Takhtajyan and is aimed to prepare biology professionals and support the implementation of scientific research in the field.

The new Master's program intends to address the worldwide challenges of wildlife conservation by reflecting the most recent developments in the field of biodiversity. By combining cutting-edge research techniques, interdisciplinary thinking, and global exposure, this program is aimed to develop students' theoretical and practical knowledge and abilities. The project's underlying directions are significant for environmental management and protection, sustainable development, and societal well-being in addition to being of academic interest.

The Master's program is a unique initiative in the academic field, which will prepare qualified specialists in accordance with the labor market requirements of Armenia and the global biodiversity conservation sector, who will make a significant contribution to overcoming the challenges and problems of biodiversity conservation in Armenia and beyond.

ISEC NAS RA Department of Public Relations and Career