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The Founders of Modern Armenian Fairy Tales

In 2013-2015 the scholarly topic on  "The Founders of Modern Armenian Fairy Tales" was implemented at the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA through the financial support of the State Committee for Science of the RA Ministry for Education and Science and the Young Scientist Support Program aimed to study the current issues of Armenian fairy tale from folkloristic, literary, and linguo-stilistic perspective.
In a broad sense the tasks of the above-mentioned topic were as follows:

To discuss, to reveal, and to popularize the following aspects related to Armenian fairy tale:
a/ The chronological coverage;
b/ Manifestation forms;
c/ Functions;
d/ Application and spatial coverage;
e/ Linguo-stilistic features;
f/ Poetics issues.

The scholarly topic on 
"The Founders of Modern Armenian Fairy Tales" has been implemented by:
Nvard Vardanyan / project manager, Ph.D in Philology/
Alvard Semirjyan /Ph.D in Philology, Associate Professor/
Narine Vardanyan /Ph.D in Philology/
The fairy tale belongs to literary genre responding to any change of human spiritual world and outlook. Despite being very old fairy tales still continue their coexistence nowadays both in folk and literary versions. Today people in rural areas still continue telling fairy tales they heard from their grandparents, writers actively refer to fairy-tale characters and plots both in individually edited versions and traditional fairy-tale motifs through demonstrating in different literary genres. Despite all, the contemporary fairy tale in Armenian reality hasn’t been studied yet as it deserves. Nevertheless, particularly the contemporary fairy tale has been left out of the scope of studies, and its study is still missing. Nowadays, under the current gradual slowing conditions of fairy tale narrating, the fairy tale is exposed to rather large genre-qualitative changes both in terms of destruction and enrichment with new qualities. Currently folk tales are greatly affected by literary fairy tale - a fact which hasn’t been duly studied by the Armenian folklore. In this regard, the parallel study of folk tale and literary fairy tale is attached much importance. Moreover, the present folklore has such an environment to subsist as the Internet. Internet communication is currently replacing oral communication; therefore narration finds a new form here in writing.
It should be noted that the proposed topic is also unique as it includes three-lateral simultaneous studies of the fairy tale. Each team member - a folklorist, a literary scientist and a linguist, has studied this topic from their professional viewpoints referring to the appropriate manifestations of this genre.
The research work on "The Founders of Modern Armenian Fairy Tales" is dedicated to the study of the above-stated problems.
"The Founders of Modern Armenian Fairy Tales" research topic was completed in 2015 by publishing the bilingual scholarly monograph /See  Nv. Vardanyan, Al. Semirjyan, Nar. Vardanyan, "The Founders of Modern Armenian Fairy Tales", Yerevan, Elca Print LLC, 288 pp/.