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Nairuhi Rafik Maghaqyan

Environmental Protection and Nature Management


-Where do you work?

-In the NAS RA Center for Ecological and Spherical Research.

-What is the key to your success at work?

-Hard work, responsibility, honesty in both life and science. One of the most important factors for success is being surrounded by executives and teammates with both professional and high quality human skills. With people willing to share their years of experience, knowledge has always helped, supported, and encouraged them to grow and move forward.

-What role did education at the International Scientific-Educational Center play in your life?

-The progress made during the years of study and the relevant knowledge gained became the basis for employment in a scientific institution.

-What was the biggest achievement during the studies at the International Scientific-Educational Centre?

-During my studies, I participated in the Summer School organized by the Ecological Center (Ecocenter) of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia and the Tuscia University in Italy (2011), after which I had the opportunity to visit the University of Tuscia as a student. Perhaps this was the biggest breakthrough, as the visit played a significant role not only in acquiring knowledge, new approaches to learning, but also in expanding the horizon.

-What memorable episode would you tell from student life?

-I can't remember any memorable episode. I can honestly say that for the majority of students and for me, student life is a special place.

-Your message to the graduate and postgraduate students of the International Scientific-Educational Centre.

-One must always remember that the best in every field is to find their way. I wish all the students clearly formulate their goals for life, and do not be discouraged by their goals, but rather use the years of study life to diligently pursue their goals. As a person who received her PhD degree, I would like to wish the postgraduate students patience and overcoming all obstacles, most importantly, do not despair of any problems, but always move forward. It should be kept in mind that solving more complex problems requires more hard work.