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Naira Parsam Khachibabyan

General and Armenian Linguistics



-Why did you choose that profession?

-The biggest reason for choosing my profession was my teacher of Armenian language and literature. On his advice, I chose Armenian philology. They choose philology either for literature or for language. From the beginning, the language was closer to my heart. After graduating, I decided that if I continued my studies, it would definitely be in the field of linguistics. On the advice of one of my lecturers, I was admitted to the ISEC NAS RA to study "General and Armenian Linguistics". During my studies I managed to love the profession of linguist so much that now I cannot imagine my future without it.

-Will you continue PhD education?

-Yes, I am already a student of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, specializing in comparative linguistics.

-Where do you work?

-During the studies at the ISEC NAS RA, from the second year, I started working at the Acharyan Language Institute of NAS RA.

-What is the guarantee of your success at work?

-I think the love for work. If you do not like the nature of your work, you will not be completely dedicated to it, and in order to succeed, you need dedication.

-What role did the education of the ISEC NAS RA play in your life?

-First of all, I started to appreciate my profession more, I understood its great significance. At the ISEC NAS RA I have acquired knowledge that I can apply in practice and because of it, I’m unable to imagine my future life outside of science.

-What was the biggest achievement during your studies at the International Scientific-Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences?

-As I have already mentioned, my work and surely, important people I met during my years of study at the International Scientific-Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences.

-What memorable episode from your student life could you tell?

-There are many good memories. I can not single out one certain episode, I participated in the entertaining-scientific events organized by the Student Council and SSS, each of which has become a beautiful memory for me.

-Your message to the students of the center

-I wish the students to gather as much knowledge as possible during these years, to use the opportunities provided by the ISEC NAS RA. Many doors open for students here, all that remains is to be careful, not to miss the opportunity.