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Hasmik Armen Hakobyan



-Where do you work?

-Assistant to the Vice President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.

-What is the key to your success at work?

-To succeed, it is important to know what you want, what your purpose is, and to achieve, you first need dedication, hard work, relevant knowledge, and the ability and desire to self-educate.

-What role did education at the International Scientific-Educational Center play in your life?

-The most important advantage of the education I received from the ISEC NAS RA was that it served as a basis for shaping my life's goals and principles as an individual. And communicating with our wonderful faculty and sharing their professional experience was, in my opinion, invaluable to all graduates of the Academy.

-What was the biggest achievement during the studies at the International Scientific-Educational Center?

-As I have already mentioned, "mastering" the experience and knowledge of our wonderful lecturers. I have also worked by profession during those years, and along with learning to master professional skills was really helpful.

-What memorable episode of student life would you tell?

-I had a wonderful course due to David Grigoryan, our senior. My interviewing classmates will confirm that thanks to him we had many memorable days in those years, which has resulted in a respectful and caring attitude towards one another. Now we meet regularly, participate in important events in each other's lives.

-Your message to the graduate and postgraduate students of the International Scientific-Educational Center.

-It’s not a message, but advice. Use these short but important days, get the most out of it because this university has created for you the most favorable conditions.