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Armine Rafik Brsoyan


-Where do you work?

-I'm a journalist and I work as a journalist. At the moment I am for the news website, I have also worked in television.

-What is the key to your success at work?

-The key to success is to fight, to always learn something new and to work hard. Every person, no matter where he is, must feel his potential, appreciate it properly, look ahead, and be able to display himself in good and effective ways. If we learn something new every day, become a better person every day than we were yesterday, the work we do will become better day by day.

-What role did education at the International Scientific-Educational Centre play in your life?

-At the International Scientific-Educational Center I first received my master's degree, besides, I met lecturers who had high professional qualifications, and a large experience a desire to work with new students and share their experiences. In addition to the topics covered by the program, we were able to discuss various issues related to the work of journalist.

-What was the biggest achievement during the studies at the International Scientific-Educational Centre?

-My main achievement is knowledge, but I should also mention that I've met a lot of people who have already become good friends of mine. Every organized and active student at the Centre can gain a wide range of opportunities and acquaintances that can play a key role in their future.

-What memorable episode of student life would you tell?

-One of the memorable cases is that there were 3 girls named Armine in our course, and we often fell into various funny stories during exams. We didn’t look alike, but the lecturers would often confuse the three of us, and one day one of our Armines received a low grade and reprimand instead of another Armine.

-Your message to the graduate and postgraduate students of the International Scientific-Educational Centre.

-I wish them to appreciate every day they spend at the International Scientific-Educational Centre, not miss the classes, participate in all leisure activities, try to use the knowledge they have gained to get things done.