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Admission Procedure for (PhD) applicants to National Academy of Sciences of 
Republic of Armenia 

1. Applicants who wish to get a degree in science with duration of 5 years and are willing to combine work with research can apply to enter National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Armenia. 
2. Top notch scientific brainpower along with NAS RA research organizations and centers which serve as a basis for them help applicants take qualification examinations as well as get them ready for thesis writing. 
3. It is required to submit an admission application along with the following documents in a single copy:
a) Personal information sheet with a photo
b) Autobiography
c) Copy of diploma of a qualified specialist or Master’s diploma with a copy (original to be presented on the spot)
d) Confirmed list of scientific works and research if not available then submit a research paper in a chosen major. 
4. After an applicant has submitted all the admission documents, the application is sent to an appropriate research organization for further examination of a potential applicant’s personal information sheet, scientific works and papers. Then an applicant’s admission is considered at the Meeting of Scientific Council and if admitted the decision on admission is despatched to ISEC NAS RA. 
5. Annual tuition fee for the proposed majors are as followed:
a) Jurisprudence and 
Economics - 450.000 AMD
b) all other majors – 300.000 AMD
c) there is a pay to ISEC NAS RA in the amount of 100.000 AMD out of the annual tuition fee for all majors
d) in accordance with the decision of Academy Presidium as to 16 March 2009, all foreign students for all majors are required to pay 1.200.000 AMD annually, out of which 300.000 AMD is paid to ISEC NAS RA.