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Department of Political Science

Head of the Department
Tigran Tonik Kocharyan
Doctor of Political Sciences

The Department of Political Sciences of the International Scientific and Educational Center of the National Academy of the Republic of Armenia was founded in 2004. The establishment of the department was conditioned by the ongoing geopolitical realities with various developments shaped around the  RA modern  history period which are still in progress, requiring knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the political life of the country and ensuring undertaking of further staff preparation according to existing standards.

Department Objectives:

To prepare MA degree specialists with the specialization of “Political Sciences” armed with knowledge meeting the  geopolitical requirements;
To develop the theoretical and practical skills and competences of Master degree students according to certain issues;
To develop strategic plans promoting the development of Political Science finding the ways for their implementation through the organization of joint activities with other prestigious scientific and educational institutions and distinguished specialists;
To undertake research activities promoting the improvement of professional educational processes.
Taking into account the interdisciplinary nature of the specialty, highly qualified specialists in Political Sciences, History, Jurisprudence, Sociology, Psychology, and Economics are involved in the scientific and educational activities of the department.

Specializationpolitical institutions and processes, history and theory of Political Sciences.


Over the past 5 years (2010-2015) the faculty of the department has published more than 80 research works. In 2014-2015 45 research articles, 1 research report, 1 study handbook, 2 monographs were published by the faculty of the department.

The Faculty

Tigran Kocharyan

Doctor of Political Sciences, Associate professor

Alexandr Manasyan

Doctor  of Philosophical Sciences, Professor

Manuk Haroutyumyan

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences,

Armen Hovsepyan

PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate professor

Gayane Haroutyunyan

PhD in Psychological Sciences, Associate professor

Sasoun Saribekyan

PhD in Geographical Sciences, Associate professor

Koryun Torosyan

PhD in Economic Sciences, Associate professor

Lilit Poghosyan

PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate professor

Arusyak Alexanyn

PhD in Political Sciences

Emil Ordukhanyan

PhD in Political Sciences

Haik Sukiasyan

PhD in Political Sciences

Gourgen Simonyan

PhD in Political Sciences

Armen Asatryan

PhD in Jurisprudence

Angelina Gasparyan

PhD in Philological Sciences

Artur Avagyan

PhD in Political Sciences

Aren Sargsyan

PhD in Political Sciences

Sergey Bagratyan PhD in Economics

Anahit Ghukasyan

Philologist, lecturer

Christine Hovhannisyan 

Coordinator of the department of Political Studies

Tel: (+374 10) 524812

E-mail: tigran-qocharyan@mail.ru